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Upgrade your downtime

Versatile comfort for anytime of the day.

Calming and stress relieving in the comfort of your home.

Ergonomic support by contouring to your body

Fun and vibrant colours to match your style and mood.

A versatile bean bag that moulds to your body

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"It feels like I'm sitting on a cloud!" 

The Pod is an ergonomic bean bag that melts away tension, filled with high density beads. Supports your neck, back, and butt to relieve pressure and help you rest easy.

From workday comfort to luxurious lounging!

Your seat, your way

No matter how you unwind, the Pod is designed for it. Create your perfect spot – be it a cosy reading nook, a gaming haven, or a movie-watching paradise.

Sit Up

The Pods adaptable cover provides lumbar support so you can sit upright to work or read.


Lean back and see how the Pod absorbs your weight for the perfect lounging position.


Put your feet up and lay completely flat for a short or even long nap.

Instantly melt tension away

The soft, stretchy cover and squishy inner beads we use in our Pod, function as instant tension reliever.

Use the Pod for your downtime and you will notice that it helps alleviate back pain but also naturally relieves stress and anxiety.

Add this cosy piece of relaxation to your living space.

What Our Customers Say

"The Pod has become the most popular seat in our house. My husband and I love using it for movie nights, and our kids love lounging on it."

Sarah L.

Verified Buyer

"I suffer from chronic back pain, and the Remy Pod has been a game changer. It provides amazing support and comfort. Don't know how I ever lived without it!"

James T.

Verified Buyer

"I was hesitant to try this instead of my sofa, but the Pod exceeded my expectations. It's comfortable, stylish, and I love how it moulds to my body!"

Isla M.

Verified Buyer

The Pod

vs. other bean bags

The Pod bean bag stands out as the superior choice among bean bags with its unique blend of comfort and versatility.

Other Bean Bags

Moulds to body shape for perfect support

You sink in due to lack of support

Unique shape allows you to use it in any way

Simple, uninspiring shape

Created from materials that delight your senses

The typical low quality materials

Multi-functional seating for all activities

Flat single use seating

Vibrant and fun colours

Boring, dull colours

Proven to reduce stress and anxiety

No benefits

The Pod 2.0


378 reviews

Adapts to different body positions

Relieves tension & aches

Versatile use throughout the day

Removable machine washable cover

Great additional seating

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Soft on the senses

Cloud-like comfort

Use anytime, anywhere

Designed for adults

Removable, washable cover

Additional seating for any occasion

Never worry about seating shortages again when guests come over. The Pod creates a welcoming atmosphere for any occasion. Whether it's a lively get-together or a quiet evening with friends, the Pod ensures everyone feels at home.

Elevate your hosting game with the Pod – functional, stylish, and always ready to accomdate.

The #1 Choice For Cosiness

Amazing feeling

"It's an amazing feeling after a long day to fall back into my Pod. It's my place to relax whenever I come hoome. A wonderful product!

- Stephanie V.

So supportive and comfortable

"This is exactly what I was looking for and more. It's so supportive and comfortable. I'm so glad I came across this online!"

- Jana R.

I spend hours working from here

"I sit on my Pod constantly! My back gets really sore when I'm on my desk so I've started spending most of my work hours from the Pod. It looks good and I will always be happy that I bought it."

- David M.

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