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Finally... a weighted blanket that looks as good as it feels. Experience the magic of a blissful cuddle to help you sleep better and feel calmer.

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Hear From The Well Rested

A hot sleeper finally snoozing

I absolutely love this blanket! The weaves allow airflow to keep you from getting too hot and it looks more stylish than other weighted blankets. I am a hot, restless sleeper, so I'm sleeping much better and I use it every night.

Favourite gift ever

My husband surprised me with the blanket for my birthday. I had been unwell and this made me feel loved and kept me sleeping and resting well until I recovered. Healthier and happier and still loving this wonderful gift. I’m getting better sleep every night.

Where I spend my evenings

Every day after work I come home, lay on my sofa, and snuggle under my Lounger. I have fallen asleep in front of the telly countless times now. Laying under it is so soothing!


5 reasons you're going to love this chunky knit weighted blanket.

Reduce Anxiety & Stress

Lying beneath a heavy comforter can stimulate the production of serotonin (happiness hormone) and reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) to help improve mood.

Natural Sleeping Aid for Insomnia

The heaviness of our evenly distributed weighted blanket cocoons the body into a natural state of rest, resulting in a successful sleep remedy that mimics a comforting hug.

Made for All Seasons

A thoughtful knit design means a delightfully heavy blanket with unmatchable airflow.

No Artificial & Noisey Fillers

Soft, layers and layers of fabric is the only thing inside our blanket to give it weight.

Loved by the Experts

Real Homes, The Telegraph, Woman & Home have rated our Lounger the best stylish weighted blanket.

The best weighted blanket we tried - delivers stylish look and feel that stands out from the rest.

Finally a weighted blanket that looks as good as it feels.

the lounger blanket

Colours to match your style

Designed for breathability

Use it wherever you like

Made with only 100% cotton

other weighted blankets

Boring and dull design

Fabric that overheats

Primarily for the bedroom

Polyester filling and noisy beads

Putting doubts to rest.

We created our products based on research conducted by sleep scientists. But it doesn’t stop there.

We wanted to know the truth about how much Remy has helped people sleep. In a study we conducted, Remy’s Weighted Blankets were shown to increase sleep quality, promote deeper sleep, and reduce stress/anxiety.

In this study we surveyed 500+ customers after using our blanket for 25-40 nights.


of participants experienced better sleep


reported feeling less stress


recorded falling asleep faster

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