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The Hugger

The Hugger

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Product Information

A soothing, versatile bean bag pillow that melts away tension. Filled with high-density beads and encased in our signature soft, stretchy fabric, this pillow offers best in class support for your neck, back, or legs. Experience the Hugger anytime, anywhere, and anyway you like.

Shipping Information

Our Hugger Pillows are made to order in our Nottingham facilities. They will be delivered in 4-10 business days from the day of your order.

Care Instructions

The Hugger Pillows outer cover is removable and machine washable. We recommend washing the cover on a normal cycle. It can be tumble dried or hang dried.

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Helps Me Sleep

"I've gotten used to sleeping with it between my knees, and my back feels so much better"

Alex S.

Using It Everywhere!

"I literally take this from my bed to my desk every morning to hold while I work. It's incredible!

Lucy R.

Real Stress Relief

"I don't know what it is but whenever I hold and squeeze the Hugger I just feel instantly more calm."

Isla M.

Your anytime, anywhere pillow

Embrace the soothing comfort of the Hugger in various ways. Here are a few of our favourite ways to use this versatile pillow.


Sleep on your side with the Hugger for head, neck and shoulder support.


Use it for lumbar support to remove pressure from you back when seated.


Rest the Hugger between your knees to stay aligned while laying on your side.

The Hugger

vs. other pillows

The Hugger Pillow stands out as the superior choice among pillows with its unique blend of comfort and versatility.

Other Pillows

Moulds to body shape for perfect support

Too firm or too soft

Unique shape allows you to use it in any way

Simple, uninspiring shape

Created from materials that delight your senses

The typical low quality materials

Multi-functional for all activities

Single use either on bed or sofa

Vibrant and fun colours

Have to buy separate covers

Proven to reduce stress and anxiety

No benefits