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The Hugger

The Hugger

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Product Details + Size

A soothing, versatile bean bag pillow that melts away tension. Filled with high-density beads and encased in our signature soft, stretchy fabric, this pillow offers best in class support for your neck, back, or legs. Experience the Hugger anytime, anywhere, and anyway you like.

Product Size:
45 cm length x 25 cm width

Care Instructions

The Hugger Pillows outer cover is removable and machine washable. We recommend washing the cover on a normal cycle. It can be tumble dried or hang dried.

Returns Policy

The Hugger is returnable with in 30 days of receiving your item so you can try it to see if it suits you.

We will provide a returns label free of charge once you reach out to us. If you would like to do an exchange for another colour we can easily arrange this by ending you the new coloured cover. You will only have to return your cover back to us then.

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5 reasons you're going to love our Hugger Pillow

Discover the unique blend of support and softness that makes our Hugger a must-have for superior comfort.

Your anytime, anywhere comfort companion

From lounging to working, see how our Hugger Pillow adapts to provide you comfort and support, anywhere you go.


Sleep on your side with the Hugger for head, neck and shoulder support.


Use it for lumbar support to remove pressure from you back when seated.


Rest the Hugger between your knees to stay aligned while laying on your side.

The pillow that outperforms the rest

Learn why the Remy Hugger is set to become your go-to for unparalleled comfort, outperforming ordinary pillows with ease.

The Hugger

Moulds to body shape for perfect support

Unique shape allows you to use it in any way

Created from materials that delight your senses

Multi-functional for all activities

Proven to reduce stress and anxiety

Other Pillows

Too firm or too soft. It's never right for you.

They come in simple, uninspiring shapes

They typically use low quality materials

Can only be used as a neck pillow

No benefits to your body, health, and mind

Frequently asked questions


What is the purpose of a Hugger Pillow? How do you use it?

Our Hugger pillow is a versatile cushion that supports your body at any time of day. It holds the weight of your neck, knees, back, or shoulders as you rest on it, which alleviates pressure and helps to reduce joint pain.

Side sleepers can hold the pillow between their arms to support the head and neck, while back sleepers can place a bolster pillow under their knees to prevent lower back pain. The Hugger pillow can also be used for lumbar support while seated in a chair or couch, or as armrests while typing. They can even be used as a prop for practicing yoga!

You can use the Remy Hugger at night or during the day, and experiment with different ways of curling up to see what feels the most comfy. It’s a great cylinder pillow for back sleepers, and its compact size means you can carry it with you as a travel pillow. It’s sure to bring excellent snuggles wherever you go!

What is the Hugger Pillow made of?

The Hugger is filled with satisfying squashy foam beads, which is a responsive recycled EPS bead. These beads are made in our factory in Nottingham, UK. They are non-toxic and child friendly.

The outer cover is made with our unique AdaptTech material. It's a blend of spandex and polyester so when you give it a hug it responses comfortably to your body.

How do you clean the Hugger?

You can wash the Hugger's outer cover with similar colours using mild detergent. Tumble dry low and warm iron if needed. Do not bleach.

However, we don't recommend machine washing the inner lining that is filled with beads.

Does Remy sell extra pillow covers for the Hugger?

Yes, you can find them available on the website under accessories.