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Remy puts Dragons' to sleep!

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Hi, we're remy 👋

We're here to remind you that in the relentless pursuit of doing, being, and achieving, it's okay to pause, to breathe, and to sleep. Because in sleep, we find the strength to live our dreams, not just dream them.

Hugger Pillow

Pod Bean Bag

Knit Weighted Throw

Kids Weighted Blanket

The Pod Bean Bag

Sit, recline, and unwind in zero-gravity

Unlike traditional beanbags, the Pod is designed with micro-cushion beads and a dual-shell membrane. This allows it to offer unparalleled support, and adaptive flexibility can help with back, body and neck pain while you rest.

Sit on the Pod to work

Recline to watch TV

Lie flat to take a nap

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"This zero-gravity bean bag delivers a sublime, cloud-like sitting experience"

Children's Corner

Mini comforts for mighty dreamers

Our line of children's product have been uniquely designed with our little ones in mind. Whether you're looking to create a cosy corner for them or help them to calm down at bedtime we've got you cover.

Mini Pod Bean Bag

Junior Weighted Blanket

The Hugger Pillow

A pillow to soothe your senses

"It feels like I'm hugging a cloud!"

A soothing, versatile bean bag pillow that melts away tension. Filled with high-density beads and encased in our signature soft, stretchy fabric, this pillow offers best in class support for your neck, back, or legs.

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