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Airy Sleeper

Airy Sleeper

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Put your worries to bed. Our cooling weighted blanket, made even better with our unique 360° zipper system to keep the duvet attached to its cover and weight evenly spread. Designed for warm sleepers or seasons, the Airy Sleeper comes with a 100% bamboo cover for a cooler feel. Made from premium breathable materials, it replaces your duvet for a better night’s sleep.

Care Instructions

Weighted Duvet

The Sleeper is used like a duvet, so doesn't require washing regularly. Most of the time only the removable Sleeper Covers will be washed.

However, if washing is required we recommend hand-washing or dry cleaning your Sleeper. The Sleepers don't play nice with washing machines because of their weight.

Airy Bamboo Cover

The airy bamboo cover is removable and machine washable. Wash in cold water (30°C) with like colours on a delicate cycle.

Tumble dry on low and iron on low if needed.

100 Night Trial

Like all of our weighted blankets, the Airy Sleeper has a 100 night trial on it. This means it can be returned or exchanged within 100 days. And if you're in the UK we'll pay for the return shipping too. Returns will be refunded in the original payment method or store credit. Please note if the blanket has been soiled or damaged it can not be returned with in the 100 night trial. Normal wear and tear is perfectly fine and we can accept these as part of the 100 night trial.

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